of the Devil

A Cyber-Noir Visual Novel Adventure Game -PROLOGUE AVAILABLE NOW

“It’s easy to spot a lie. It can be hard to know what to do about it.”There’s not much demand for Criminal Defense in 2086. Crime rates are low and convictions are high. If you get arrested, whatever happens next will probably be over quick.And yet amidst the calm waters of a surveillance state, Counselor Morgan still manages to navigate a career by taking on the complex, sometimes seemingly hopeless cases that more experienced lawyers know to stay clear of, and less talented attorneys are too afraid to approach.Charming, quick-witted, and deceptively thoughtful, Morgan has to switch masks frequently to get information and testimony in a world where her profession seems increasingly out-dated. Outwardly light-hearted (or even light-headed), Morgan will gladly play dumb or dead if it helps her get what she wants. And while her showmanship and playfulness may sometimes raise her clients’ blood pressure, this conniving gambler with a gift for playing innocent might just be the one person who can convince the police state that a person's innocence is worth betting on.

"No messages sent, no evidence left behind and no mistakes made."Most crimes are stopped before they occur. Repeat offenders have become a non-entity. The world’s never been safer. But still, one individual has managed to get away with five murders (and counting) in the span of just a few weeks. HK is operating freely within the police state, making it look easy- And people of all sorts are starting to take notice. Some say they’re a symbol of anarchy, a natural-born rebel looking to express themselves. Others say they’re a dissident trying to dismantle the establishment through pure fear. But the authorities are less concerned with their motives than they are with their abilities. Are they a superhuman hacker erasing their presence? An underworld power-player sheltered by friends in high places? Or, in the worst case scenario- Are they just that good?Regardless of whatever creed or beliefs people assign to their reputation, one thing can’t be denied- Heartbreak has got people talking. And in a world where the conversation on crime and dissidence is supposed to be long since ended, talk like that can be very, very dangerous.

“You gotta be really, really stupid to try and get away with murder in this town.”Passionate, fiery, strict and relentless, the qualities that propelled the newly-promoted Detective Reyes to the top of her class are the very same that sank her to the bottom of the office politics
totem pole.
Uncompromising sounds good on paper, but in a city where bureaucracyis the law and corruption is the norm, opinionated cops tend to get shafted… or sent off to the dusty Homicide Department to keep the force’s fossils company.But if it’s at all possible to do some real police work in a department where the crimes practically solve themselves, it’d take a qualified hellraiser to get it done.

“We all make concessions to reality. By the time you get to my age, you’ve had to concede a lot.”A bit taller, a bit more experienced, and a lot wiser than he looks, Qasim London has been a cop for decades and a pragmatist his whole life. His records indicate he used to be a big shot in Arson, but you wouldn’t know it seeing how much dust he’s been gathering in Homicide. Whether his current position is a cushy off-ramp to retirement or a mind-numbing punishment from leadership is a matter that depends on your point of view… and what kind of mood he’s in today.When push comes to shove, London’s a sharp guy and a reliable partner- it’s just that there’s not much shoving to be done these days. Why would there be? With crime rates low and plenty of money to be made for everyone, cops and robbers are practically cordial (in private)- Especially the ones with long and storied careers.

"By the time I got back, it was already..."A young man working for the city with a story of ambition and effort and disappointment common to his generation, Carlos Flatt was until recently a perfectly unremarkable Modded worker.Then his girlfriend was shot and he was arrested for the Heartbreak Killings.Despite the evidence piling up against him, and the dire punishment awaiting a serial killer that won't even admit their own guilt, he's asked for a lawyer to represent him.Rolling the dice with his life on the line, insisting on his own innocence in the face of the titanic machinery of a brutally efficient criminal justice system, his best shot now is that the legal roulette managed to land him one hell of an attorney.

“Sorry? Why would I be worried about going up against you?”
Despite boasting an education and upbringing that could’ve landed her in any boardroom in the country, Emma Rockford works as a prosecutor for the city, to the befuddlement of her peers and frustration of her opponents.
Intelligent and driven, with a mind that outpaces her peers on her worst days, she's every lawyer’s worst nightmare- Even when she’s still half-asleep. Blessed with talent and a complete lack of awareness about it, she can humiliate the competition just by trying to be accommodating.While she might not always care about her appearance, the moment she sets foot in the courtroom, there’s no margin of error. Emma is whip-smart, resourceful, and worst of all, diligent- So just imagine the damage she could do with a good night’s sleep.


There's a camera in every device and a half dozen devices on every citizen.
There are tracking implants in every cybernetic and location tags on every bullet.
No stone goes unturned- and every stone is accounted for.
Violent crimes are cleared in 97% of cases.
Cases that make it to trial result in a guilty verdict 98% of the time.
Getting away with murder is nearly impossible.
So if you find yourself wrongly accused...
Better have the right lawyer.


of the Devil is a Visual Novel Adventure Game.Stepping into the shoes of both the playful Criminal Defense Attorney Evangeline Morgan and the coldblooded Serial Criminal Heartbreak, you solve murder mysteries by examining crime scenes, gathering evidence, questioning persons of interest and ultimately defending your clients in court.Our Free Demo includes the entirety of the self-contained prologue chapter, wherein Morgan finds herself serving as Public Defender for the man who the police say has shot five people through the heart...and counting.


Inspired by the great Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Neo-Noir and Court Room Drama works, of the Devil combines these genres to create thought-provoking murder mysteries full of suspense, black comedy, intrigue and charm.Set amidst the neon and mist soaked streets of 2086, of the Devil fuses the hardboiled shading and spot blacks of 20th century Detective Comics with the expressive and colorful presentation of Manga to create rich, vibrant, and velvety styling.


In game, you'll scour 3D crime scenes and question three-dimensional characters to gather the facts and build your case.But observation and curiosity are rewarded in other ways, too, and you'll find yourself collecting chat logs, in-world articles, and internet search terms (and their state-approved search results) enabling detail-oriented players to learn about the world of 2086 organically...Or at least as organically as possible in a world with this much artifice.


Dive into five fully-fledged, episodic murder mysteries that will test both the heroes’ and your reasoning, observation, and intelligence.You'll come up against towering mega-corporations and the vast, marching numbers of ruthless individuals whose job it is to keep them looking good.You'll rub shoulders with old, dug in crime families, vying with one another over amounts of prestige and capital that'd make a small nation blush.You'll get caught between digital revolutionaries and the great gears of progress they push back against, peel back the stage curtain on the lengths the rich and famous will go to to claw back their privacy and maintain their legacy...and see far more than you'd like to of the future that's being built by the "Evangelists" of a new today.Each case explores the evolving laws and norms of a world on the brink of a cybernetic revolution- From both inside the courtroom, and outside the arm of the law.



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Art Direction, Character Art, and Prop Art by bug \\ @evillittlebug
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Writing, Game Design and Direction by Brian Mulholland \\ @itscoolbus